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About Latino Dome Fest 2016

Planetarium´s Dome. Participate teling a story in a fulldome format.

What is the Latino Dome Fest 2016?

The Latino Dome Fest 2016 is an international festival that will exhibit audiovisual productions in fulldome format between 3 and 5 minutes. It is a display of talents in which people from different countries can join in. The event will take place in Medellin Planetarium, from 19th to 20th of May 2016. Additionally professional content producers can bring out their latest shows, astronomy software and technological advances in planetary systems.

General objetive of the call

To open up a space for conversation and exchange of ideas and experiences among the community of people, institutions or businesses that create immersion productions in the fulldome format within the context of the first LATINO DOME FEST 2016 festival that will enable the interaction of the general public with this alternate audiovisual format.