The objective of Latino Dome Fest contest is to stimulate an international community of creators in audiovisual contents for Full Dome. This contest invites students, professionals and amateurs for building visual pieces between 3-5 minutes, where they can present their proposals, shows, software for astronomical viewing, technological advances, Videoart, scientific data visualization and immersive experiences.

The festival has US $6000 to reward the winners in two categories: students and professionals. It will be a wonderful chance to share talents in science communication.

Registrations are opened until March 30 and the pieces deadline submissions until April 15. For terms and conditions of participation visit here.

Here are some tips and help links that will surely be very useful for the realization of your project and facilitate your participation in the contest.

  • ¿Whai is Fulldome? This link explains the outset what is the format Full Dome, its development. It is the largest community of producers in this format and in this site they share therir works, their knowledge and offer their production services. To see the shows the shows you must create and account.
  • Tutorial with DSLR camera photos :To see this link you must create create a user previously FDDB (previous link). It is one- hour tutorial which you can explore tips and with configuration options of DSLR camara for you FullDome production.
  • Basic tips for Blender: this link offers an introduction of 3D moddeling and animation with Blender, a free program that allows modeling, composing and editing. It Also, has a videogames rendering engine. There are online video lessons, a wiki and discussion forums.
  • Free videos to use in your productions: this is a file of free videos that can be used for free in productions that have astronomy theme.
  • Expert Advice:Andrew Hazelden is a visual effects artist, cofounder of Dover Studios Inc. In his blog you can find information about photography, special effects and electronic productions full dome. He shares here his way to work, technique and equipment, accompanied by short and easy to understand tutorials.
  • Collection of "actions" for Photoshop: You will find a collection of "actions" in Photoshop, designed to accelerate workflow for full contents dome. The actions provide tools to convert images in widescreen as fisheye, equirectancular and cubic panoramas, very useful for the production of Domo.
  • ¿How to use your GoPro Hero3 camera?: Here is how to select the recording mode of the video camera GoPro Hero3. Among the possible modes features Wide, Medium and Narrow for fisheye or wide angle available.