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Submitting audiovisual pieces

Planetarium´s Dome. Participate teling a story in a fulldome format.

How the audiovisual pieces must be delivered?

The audiovisual pieces must be handed in a USB flash memory or hard disks marked with a title, in a closed envelope, on Parque Explora administration office, carrera 52 # 73-75, Medellín, Colombia, addressed to Latino Dome Fest 2016.

What content must be included in the USB flash memory or hard disk?

The USB must be marked with the title of the audiovisual piece and organized by the following aspects:

The USB memory must have only one folder named NAME AUDIOVISUAL PIECE, inside it, another file named AUDIO (.wav) (see image), a file named DOCUMENTATION which includes all legal information of the participant, as well as a file called HIGH VIDEO (.png sequence) and a file called IMAGE, which contains a frame (minimum resolution of 300 dpi in 21 x 27 cm) that will represent the project in printed pieces, without texts, logos or additional info or photos of  the participants in 1920x1080 resolution.

Another folder called CREDITS with a photogram in .png with the credits of the participants in 1920x1080 format in alpha channel, and an archive in .txt format with the credits of the participants on the video. A file named LOW VIDEO, with the same file in low resolution, with the following specifications: frame speed 30 fps, resolution 900x900, .mov with a codec h264. The audio must be in sync.

The following image represents the tree view of folders to be submitted

What documents must be sent in the DOCUMENTATION folder?

Inside the DOCUMENTATION folder, must be included a text file (.txt, .doc) with your contact information: name, ID number, phone number, address, e-mail address. Additionally must be included:

1 .    For colombian students

●    Digital copy of the participant's ID.
●    A support document that certify the condition of student.
●    The number of a bank account in your behalf.
●    NOTE: In case of a group of students, one person must be chosen to represent the group, but all of the IDs of the participants must be handed in.

2.    For Colombian professionals

Professionals or institutions

●    A digital copy of the participant's ID or legal representation.
●    A certified document that proves the legal existence of the institution or individual professional activity (NIT, RUT, CÁMARA DE COMERCIO)
●    A certified bank account on your behalf.

3.    For foreigners

Foreigners must include documents equivalent to the aforementioned that have been issued within their country of origin.

Technical recommendations for the USB flash memory

It is preferable to use USB3.0 and USB2.0 interfaces. Besides, all the units and memory cards must be formatted with the system of NTFS files and must be analyzed with antivirus.

In what format the production must be made?

Ideal format:

DomeMaster: An image with a maximum resolution of 4k (4000 x 4000 pixel) and a speed of 30 fps (frames per second) of .png format. All the frames must be ordered in a sequence of images numbered consecutively starting in 0. The files must be named as the following example: “PROJECT'SNAME_00000.png”, without umlaut. Special characters or symbols (the lower hyphen) are used to separate project's name and number, and the dot is used only to separate the file's name and extension.

Orientation: below = front or south of the dome, left = east, right = west, behind = north.

Equidistant area of image of 170º with an inclination of 27º

Equidistant image's area of 〖170〗^0 with an inclination of 〖27〗^0

Sound: 7.1 or 5.1 surround (L/R/C/LFE/LS/RS) format .wav. The file's name must be identical to the video (“PROJECTNAME.wav”). Audio at 48 KHz by 24 bit.

Low resolution video:

As mentioned, in order to verify the sync of the video with the audio on Dome Master, also must be sent an exact copy of the audiovisual piece in low resolution. Resolution of 900 x 900 in QuickTime file format ( .mov) with a video codec of (h264) with a bit race of 5 mbps – 10 mbps.