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Events and Excursions

Parque Explora’s Aquarium, Medellín (Colombia).

All participants of the conference are invited to attend several activities including a Welcome Cocktail, a Conference Dinner " Pure Tropic" and a City Tour (all included in the registration fee). For the dates and times, see the Full Programme. You can sign up for these activities and specify your food requirements through the Registration Form.

Welcome Cocktail

Welcome CAP 2016 will be on the terrace of the Explore Park with its four boxes floating against the night skyline of the mountains of Medellin. We climb to the terrace by the aquarium park: an Amazonian flooded forest receives visitors between huge pirarocús -the largest freshwater too piranha fish, arawuanas and other inhabitants of rivers and seas that will allow them to discover Colombia, a country of water .

Conference Dinner

The closing dinner is called "Pure Trpic” a memorable dining experience with live music, to enjoy together of our America.

City Tour

All participants of CAP 2016 are invited to join a special bus tour around the city, the Medellín Turibus Route. Inaugurated in July 2004, this service was established to promote the social, cultural and touristic features of the city. The three-hour ride takes you on a city wide loop to more than twenty of the city’s main attractions and is a great way for Medellín first timers to experience the city and its many facets, delving into historical facts, architectural highlights and cultural aspects of the area and its people.