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First day

On the first day of the international Conference of Communicating Astronomywith the Public #CAP 2016, the stories and the practices shared by the attendees were ranked on social networksas one of the topics most reported of that day.

Second day

Communicating Astronomy with Public, one of the most important meetings of its kind, is organised by commission C2 of the International AstronomicalUnion (IAU), with the help of local organisers, which this year are represented by ParqueExplora and the Planetarium of Medellin.

Third day

“In 2016 Medellin is an astronomical world destination”. According to Andrés Roldán, the executive director of Parque Explora, this interactive museum of science has received more than 4.5 million people of our region and other places of the world since it was opened in 2007. 

Fourth day

Pedro Russo, president of the IAU Commission C2, highlighted how important is wasthat the event was organised un Medellín, fot the first time in Latin America. He encouraged participants to: “(…) find new ways of involving citizens and connecting them with astronomy. We should not focused only on high technology projects, but we also need low technology, do-it-yourself initiatives” 

Fifth day

Near 150 professional communicators, be they researchers, journalists, writers or creative artists of 28 countries, met this week at ParqueExplora to debate on new trends and better practices to communicate astronomy with the public.