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Work sending

Submissions of contributions

 For an easy-set up during the conference, we kindly ask you to send us your contributions in the formats described below by 20 April 2016. ¡Thank you for your support!

  • Long Talk: oral presentation (20 minutes long) that can have as visual support: ppt. or pdf. files, a movie or images.Technical details: PDF format, File's size: 3MB max
  •  Flash Talk: very short oral presentation  (10 minute: 7 min present + 3 min Q&A), that can have as visual support: ppt. or pdf. files, a movie or images. Technical details: PPT files, PDF format, File's size: 3MB max
  • Workshop: Working session with a group of people, providing them a theoretical part and then hands-on work. Technical details:  PPT files, PDF format, File's size: 3MB max
  • Poster: printed paper (1.20 x 70 cm) containing the information of the accepted contribution. Technical details: PPT files,PDF format, File's size: 3MB max
To send us your presentation please follow process below:

Guidelines for contributions

The following recommendations are given for CAP2016 contributions.

Talk slides
  • On the first slide include: code and paper's title, authors, institution, country and city.
  • Try to have a maximum of 10 slides.
  • The ratio of the slides should be 4:3
  • Do not include an exaggerated amount of text. Most of the times it's preferable to use an image that represents the content you are presenting orally.
  • Make use of contrasting colors and adequate font size in a way that slides can be legible for the audience standing in the back of the room.
  • We recommend the use of logos and logotypes at the beginning or at the very end of the presentation. This way you avoid overcrowded slides.
  • If you wish, you can use the CAP2016 - Parque Explora logotypes. You can download them from here.
  • Don't forget to run a spell check just in case.

Workshop specifications

  • Include a theoretical presentation in the beginning that familiarises participants with the topic and presents them the tools and techniques they can use
  • Be prepared to have a mixed audience: people knowing less or more about your topic.
  • Prepare some hands-on work, preferably in smaller groups, where participants can practice what they have learnt
  • Encourage each team to present their work and discuss it with everybody, identifying the strong points and the weak points.
  • Try to take real-life scenarios from participants. This way, some of them will leave the workshop having some very specific advice for their problem
 Poster specifications
  • Place the title at the top, using a font size big enough to be properly read from a distance of 3 m (118,11”), followed by the name of the authors, address and the place where the work was developed.
  • Try to make the poster as visually attractive as possible, in a way that it can capture the attention of participants and encourage them to read through.

Final work sending
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